TAM VON: Poles are of a species from Vietnam. They are smaller in diameter, but are semi solid and extremely durable. Their colors vary from light brown to dark brown. Many of our fence panel are made from this variety. 


 SEMI-SOLID SANDED: Poles come with a factory sanded finish from Vietnam. They are mostly solid or very thick-walled which make them perfect for constructional uses. The poles are very strong and can be easily connected to each other with glue, nails, screws or bolts. Often are used for furniture making or as curtain rods.


SQUARE BAMBOO: Poles are of a Vietnamese thick-wall variety. They are processed and sanded on four sides making them square in appearance. This makes them easy to work with, and the perfect choice for building furniture.


 YELLOW-TIMBER: Poles are of a species from China. They are yellow in color, with varying shades. These poles are commonly used for construction purposes, and make an excellent choice for decorating. They are a medium-walled hollow pole that tend to be quite straight in nature. We also offer them as split half rounds.


BLACK BAMBOO: Poles are dark in appearance with a gradual taper. Smaller diameter poles are darker and blacker in color, while larger diameter tend to be less dark and more brown in color. They make an excellent choice for decorative purposes. 


 GREEN SPECKLED: Poles are unique in appearance. They tend to have a green base shade with a mixture of brown and black speckled patterns throughout. Commonly used for interior decorating purposes.

CAMBODIAN BAMBOO: Poles are large diameter and thick-walled. They are extremely sturdy with a brown marbled appearance. Commonly used for constructional purpose.

BORATE TREATED: Poles are thick-walled and of the highest structural quality. The borate treatment process is environmentally safe and helps deter most mold and insect damage.



1. All bamboo is guaranteed to be crooked not straight. Some are very close to being straight. 
2. All bamboo is guaranteed to be a different color from the last time you bought it. Do let us know what color you are looking for. The best way is to send us a sample. 
3. All bamboo is guaranteed to split. We do not ship split poles, but it may split during shipment or during storage.

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